Paddy Douglass Retires After 42 Years

Longtime PSO, cleverly disguised as a Highland Officer retires after 42 years service. I joined the branch in 1991, after an 18 year career as an NCO in the Air Ops and Armoured occupations. I treasure some of the friendships established in the PSel branch and will miss you all. I am posting a picture that was taken last night, my last night parading class A, as well as a couple of older ones, including Remembrance Day 2014. For those members of the branch who are unaware of the versatility of our occupation, I finished my service as the manager of conflict management for western Canada as well as serving Volem with the Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada as the DCO. Here are the before and after pics. Intellegere.

Paddy Douglass

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