A message from Capt (retired) Richard Gilman

To whom it may concern:

I submit as a reflection from my past leading to a happy announcement in the present to convey as appropriate.

My career as a PSel officer began in 1980 and lasted 15 rewarding years. I served three back to back tours in Summerside, PEI, first as an Air Nav and then as an Air Operations Controller and finally as BPSO and BTrainIng and Education O. I was then “summoned” from this fair isle to NDHQ Ottawa to assist with the conclusion of the Women’s Trials (SWINTER for short) and thereafter as ABPSO at CFB Ottawa. I was ordered back to a field posting at CFB Trenton where I experienced my most fulfilling tour as BPSO. Beckoned again to Ottawa, I served as PSel consultant for social and economic analysts within DND followed by a brief team position in Military Occupational Structures. After 31 years of service, I elected a voluntary buy out. Perhaps, one of my greatest career achievements was to be recognized by my peers with the annual SCAN  award. This, along with the privilege of serving with some fine dedicated professionals and comrades, has left a very positive impact on my life both then and now and for the future. I proudly stand with all my fellow PSel officers in giving thanks for the great service you provide to members of the CF.

As I look back on my career, I wanted to acknowledge how much it played a significant part of who I have become, not the least of which is to celebrate 50 years of marriage  to my enduring love of my life, Karen, on Aug 24, 2018

Richard Gilman, Capt retired


Response from Col Noonan

Rich, it is great to hear from you after so many years and congratulations on your upcoming 50th wedding anniversary, which is remarkable. It is because of dedicated PSOs like you that our Branch continues to exist and thrive as we are building on the foundation that you and a small number of other committed individuals built 40 years ago. You will be happy to know that last year we were awarded a permanent PSO position as the Director of Personnel Generation Requirements (DPGR) which now includes the occupation/job analysis studies that you worked on, along with oversight of the selection standards and BPSO technical net, and overall management of the CAF Strategic Intake Plan (SIP). Our F/W/BPSOs continue to be heavily relied upon for vocational counselling, education upgrading and individual assessments, while our SCAN section has now become part of a larger initiative that has recently seen the stand-up of Transition Group, headed by a BGen and where we have a LCol position, several Maj positions and a host of distributed Capt positions to better care for the transition of all members, whether voluntary, medical or at CRA. You and Maj (ret’d) Terry Christopher, amongst others, would be quite proud of all the areas in which we’re now embarking in terms of transition services, policy and programs. In any event, thanks for your note as you took me down memory lane for a wonderful minute but also it reminded me that we are still integral to all of these functions in helping the CAF remain an outstanding organization. All the best to you and your wife this summer and on your anniversary.

Col Lisa Noonan

DPGR and PSel Branch Advisor

Passing of SLt Kellermann-Thompson’s mother

It is with sadness that we inform you of SLt Kellermann-Thompson’s loss of his mother who passed away on the afternoon of June 13, 2018. On behalf of the PSOA we would like to send our deepest condolences to SLt Kellermann-Thompson and family.
C’est avec chagrin que nous vous informons du décès de la mère du SLt Kellermann-Thompson qui nous a quitté le 13 juin 2018 en après-midi. De la part de l’AOSP nous tenions à exprimer au SLt Kellermann-Thompson et à sa famille nos sincères condoléances.

Allan Carty Retirement | Départ en retraite d’Allan Carty

Our former-PSO friend and colleague Allan Carty is retiring this month from his PSel+1 career (in the Canada Revenue Agency).  The forwarded email from Denise Cressman of the CRA includes an invitation to all who knew Allan to attend a gathering to commemorate his 41 years of service to Canada.

Cheers guys.

Martin Hankes-Drielsma

PSO (Retired)

Our dear friend and colleague Allan Carty will be retiring in June. Please join us for a farewell gathering to commemorate his 41 years of service as a public servant at the Glue Pot Pub on Tuesday, June 19, 2018.

We will be putting together a memory book for Allan filled with well wishes. To add a message, please visit Claire Schryer’s desk located on the 3rd floor. We will also be collecting contributions for a farewell gift. Thank you!


Notre cher ami et collègue Allan Carty prendra sa retraite en juin. Afin de souligner ses 41 ans de service comme fonctionnaire, nous vous invitons à une fête de départ à la retraite qui aura lieu au Glue Pot Pub le mardi 19 juin 2018.

Nous allons créer un livre de souvenirs pour Allan dans lequel vous pourrez lui souhaiter vos meilleurs vœux. Pour ajouter un message, rendez-vous au bureau de Claire Schryer au 3e étage. De plus, une collecte sera organisée afin de lui offrir un cadeau de départ. Merci!