PSOA Axe Throwing & Social Event, 27 Sep 2019

BLUF: You are invited to the latest PSOA social event – Axe throwing – on 27 Sep 2019 Friday @ 1800hrs. Please open email and use vote buttons (or reply to this email if no voting buttons are available) and let me know if you (and/or any guest(s)) are able to attend by NLT 18 Sep 2019 Wed.

Dear Colleagues,

It’s been far too long since the Personnel Selection Officer Association (PSOA) for Eastern Ontario (NCR, Kingston and Ottawa Valley) has had a social event. So as your Regional Representative, I am cordially inviting you to join myself and our colleagues at the BATL Grounds Backyard Axe Throwing League for an evening of entertainment and fun! Again, this will be a great opportunity to socialize and get to know each other outside of work.

Please forward to any new PSOs that have been recently posted into the area (NCR, Kingston and Pet), those visiting from out of town and those retirees that may wish to join and did not receive this email. For those retirees not on my dist list, I will take their names so I have them for next time.

The concept for this event will be to learn how to and have fun throwing small axes at one of Ottawa’s oldest inside axe throwing venues. Of course, if you wish to sit out and just socialize and drink/eat at the venue, that is okay too!

Here are the details – we hope you can make it!

Where: BATL Grounds, The Backyard Axe Throwing League, 2615 Lancaster Rd., Unit 29 | Ottawa, ON
Reservation: Booked 4 axe throwing lanes of fun, can expand depending on interest/returns, but this is for at least 13 participants
When: 27 Sep 19, Friday after work: 1800hrs to 2000/2030hrs (depending on how long playoffs go)
Punctuality: If axe throwing, please show up at least 10 minutes before, as instruction by an axe throwing guru starts at 1800hrs
Parking: There is free parking in and around the plaza
Bus/Uber/Lyft: The location is on a bus route, and accessible by ride share apps

Cost if axe throwing: $46.32 (with HST) per person to be paid by individual or guest to venue
Dress, if axe throwing: Closed-toed shoes are a must for axe throwers
Returns: There are several options for your ‘Vote’ return through Outlook (or through an email reply).

·        “Yes for Axe” (that’s if it’s just you wanting to throw);

·        “Yes for Axe +1” (you and a guest);

·        “No axe, just socializing” (will be sitting back, drinking/eating, no axe throwing);

·        “No axe, just socializing +1” (you and a guest, socializing, no axe throwing);

·        “Maybe for socializing” (if you are tentative for socializing); and

·        “Can’t make it”.
No ‘Maybe’ returns for Axe: because $100 down payment has been provided and there are penalties for not fulfilling the reservation for axe throwing, I can’t accept ‘Maybe’s’ for axe throwing.

Cost if observing drinking/eating: Free!
Deposit: I have put $100 of my own funds for the non-refundable deposit. So if you say you are going to attend the axe throwing, please ensure you come out so I don’t lose my money. 🙂
PSOA Free Beer: The PSOA executive has graciously agreed to buy many pitchers and possibly finger food during the event.

If you don’t have a designated driver or don’t want to drive or carpool – take the bus!

See OC Transpo quick planner

Everyone is welcome! Bring a spouse, friend or just yourself. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Please send this to any retired PSOs in the NCR that may not have received this invite.

If you can’t make it – check out the latest PSO news on our website!
Please use the voting buttons as outlined above (or just send me an email reply with your return). Thank you.


Dave Spurgeon
PSOA Eastern Ontario Representative
DAVID.SPURGEON{[at symbol]}