Passing of Capt Vasiliki (Bessie) Marinakos

It is with a heavy heart that I am notifying you of the passing of Bessie Marinakos. She passed away peacefully on Tuesday 12 Jan 21 surrounded by her family. The obituary will be posted later today, but I am sending the information below now. For those of you in the Branch that did not get to know Bessie well, Col Noonan has written a very nice synopsis of her career that I have posted below.

Vasiliki Marinakos, Urgel Bourgie / Athos

Visitation — Sunday, 13:00 to 15:00 at Urgel Bourgie 1255 Beaumont Avenue, Montreal H3P 3J1

Funeral Service – Monday, 11:00 to 11:45 at St. George Orthodox Cathedral, 2455 Chemin de la Cote-Sainte-Catherine, Montreal H3T 1A8

Burial – Follows Church Service at Mount Royal Cemetery, Maple Grove location, 643

Flowers may be sent to Visitation, or a donation may be made to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Following the service on January 18, flowers may be sent to 10-201 Station Blvd., Ottawa K1G 6N8. Once the obituary is posted at Urgel Bourgie’s website, comments may also be made. For those who would like to attend the Visitation virtually, this information will also be posted at

Capt Marinakos joined the CAF as a Direct Entry Officer in late 2002, bringing with her a wealth of education as she possessed two Master’s degrees in Education and Psychology and civilian work experience. After completing her initial military and occupation training and over a year of OJT at the Personnel Development (PDev) sect in Ottawa, she was posted to 8 Wing Trenton in 2007 as the Wing Personnel Selection Officer.In 2010, the PSel Branch undertook the conduct of an occupational analysis study in DPGR to capture the new roles and capabilities which had evolved over a 20 year period since the previous study. Capt Marinakos, with her attention to detail and strong analytical skills, was specifically requested for this position to conduct this important work for our occupation.As was typical, Bessie hit-the-ground running and set about conducting background research and scheduling in-depth interviews with PSOs at all rank levels to capture the work requirements. She quickly adapted to this new headquarter posting where the work involved synthesizing large amounts of interview data, as well as in-depth analysis of the current positions in the Branch. This important work still serves today as the foundation of the PSel job specification on which the occupation is based.In 2012, Capt Marinakos was posted to DGMC where she worked on personnel production and related program issues, and then began crafting a long overdue Component Transfer (CT) policy that was complex and involved many stakeholders. In her true style, Bessie worked efficiently through these issues and made significant progress on this policy which is critical to the CAF. In 2018, Capt Marinakos was selected as an instructor for junior PSOs and was posted to the school, CFTDC, in Borden where she was being succession planned for the Officer Commanding position shortly thereafter. Unfortunately, she became ill a few months after arriving and was posted to the transition center in Ottawa.Capt Marinakos was always a kind, compassionate and caring individual who worked hard for the benefit of CAF members in every role she fulfilled in the CAF. She will be greatly missed by her colleagues and the PSel Branch. Intellegere.

Col Lisa Noonan

DPGR/Personnel Selection Branch Advisor

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