LCol Elisa Cass Farewell Message

Good day my dear PSEL Colleagues,

The day has come… time to turn in my DWAN laptop and remove myself from the network. My retirement dates is effectively 4 April 2022 but I did not want to lose the opportunity to say good-bye and wish you all well with the remainder of your careers. 

I have truly loved being part of the PSEL famiIy and enjoyed getting together with you, my dear colleagues, whenever possible. The greatest reward for me, was being the RCAF CPSO, 2 CAD PSA and later the RCAF Senior Selection Officer. I loved being able to mentor and guide new and young talent in the branch, and perhaps pass on a lesson learned or two along the way.

You are all super smart people and it has been my distinct privilege to serve with each of you. You have a lot to offer the CAF. I want you to seize every opportunity you have in the Branch and the CAF; to push yourselves and never doubt your place at the strategic table. You have the knowledge, skills and abilities to impact key personnel decisions. Make great use of the professional development available to you, now and in the coming years, support the Branch by helping out wherever and whenever you can. You are a small branch but a mighty one and need to help each other. Aim high, give sound advice and never BS your clients. They will see through you and you cannot afford to lose any credibility.

I hope one day to be invited back for a mess dinner, whenever we can meet again as a larger group. That would be awesome! I will remain available to chat at any time. Call me if you like (204) 396-1220 or reach out at I would like to remain part of the PSOA if you will have me, so I can keep up with you and your awesomeness.

Some of you may have heard, that I have been keeping busy while posted to CAF TU-NCR. I consider myself a BPSO/SCAN good news story. I followed all of my PSO’s good advice (Capt Benotto) on taking advantages of our great services, while transitioning medically out of the CAF. I can tell you that we have a wonderful array of benefits and anyone would be foolish not to take good advantage of the services. I took advantage of everything… from SCAN/Med SCAN, to CTWs, SII and then… I signed up for OP Entrepreneur Bootcamp in Aug 21. To participate, I had to either have already started a business or at least a definite idea on what that business would be. I was very clear. I wanted the course info but had no intentions of starting a business. I selected a home staging business as my idea. I went through the motions, did the coursework, established a peer network. After course completion, one of the students approached me (Ex Int O) and asked if I would consider staging one of his investment properties for sale. In for a penny, in for a pound… suffice it to say, my business is now incorporated! Elle Cass Staging by Design Inc. My website will be launched in the next month or so. Through Voc Rehab, I attained 5 Certifications: Certified Staging Professional, Colour Consultant, Residential Renovations Project Management, ECO Professional and Residential Senior Transition Specialist. Also as part of my voc rehab, I began working with stagers from the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) Ottawa and now have staged over 25 homes for sale and done several consultations. I have joined RESA so I now have a great new network of women to collaborate with, support and be supported by.. I consider myself lucky but  acknowledge that it was my own drive and determination that got me this far.  I would love to come out to your bases/wings to provide a SCAN/Med SCAN testimonial on our great services and how to be successful at transitioning, should you ever want my two cents. It is never leaving the CAF when it is not on your own terms. Med release has its share of heart ache but being master of your own destiny is trulyl the key. I had zero intentions of working after release, but here I am… Never would have guessed it.  If you ever find yourself interested in this type of work, and leaving the military, give me a call. I will need help.

Keep up the great and important work. You all have an amazing contribution to make. Be your best self; whatever that is for you. More than anything, BE  happy. That is what I wish for each of you. If interested in attending my little retirement get together on 29 Mar 2021 at 1330, please contact LCdr Anna Dupuis as she is managing the numbers at the Brew Table. Would love to see you.

Best always,


LCol Elisa Cass