Welcome SLt Glen

SLt Victoria Glen is being welcomed into the PSel Branch by CFB Esquimalt’s Administration Officer, Cdr Cory Foreman.


A graduate of RMC’s Honours Psychology program, Victoria officially became a PSel Officer in January 2020, on successful completion of an occupational transfer from Naval Warfare Officer.


Welcome Victoria

PSOs are deployed on Op PROTEUS * Des OSP sont déployés sur Op PROTEUS

Fellow colleagues,  

Last January, I had the privilege to be the first PSO to be deployed on Op PROTEUS. Since 2005, CAF members have been deployed in Jerusalem in order to support the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank to develop their security capacity. Op PROTEUS is Canada’s contribution to the Office of the United States Security Coordinator (USSC) in Jerusalem to assist in encouraging co-ordination on security matters between Israel and the Palestinian Authority – and this is part of the United States overall strategic plan to ensure better security in the Middle East.

The Palestinian Authority Security Forces (PASF) in the West Bank are mostly blue forces conducting policing operations, but also green forces to performing defensive operations. The PASF are comprised of many institutions, Branches and Commissions. Last year, the Organization and Administration Commission (OAC), the central authority within the PASF for Human Resources Management, identified personnel selection as an area in need of improvement. The development of the recruiting process would enable a more effective force generation structure. Also, these was a significant need for an occupation analysis to be conducted within the PASF, and the specialized skill-set of a PSO was identified as invaluable in the further evolution/refinement of a viable personnel management structure within the PASF. To that effect, a first Technical Assistance Visit (TAV) was approved by CJOC.

From 16 Jan to 29 Mar 2019, I was deployed in support to the HR Program Manager to professionalize the PASF in the aforementioned areas. I assisted the General Military Training Commission (GMTC) in the development of enhanced interview instruments, and trained them on interview techniques and procedures. At that time, the interview process was unstructured and non-standardized; therefore, required improvement to select the best candidates. I also supported OAC by developing a uniform occupation study process, and provided guidance in this matter. I developed two occupation specifications (HR and Food Supply); these will serve as a foundation of future career paths – which were previously inexistent.

LCol Dan Tanguay with Col Kamel Tuffaha from the Logistics Commission

After this TAV, the Task Force Comd determined that there was a need to continue the PSO engagement. A second TAV was approved, and LCol Kathleen Currie is currently deployed in Jerusalem in order to continue the support provided during the first TAV. I wish her good luck in this endeavour.

For more information regarding Op PROTEUS, follow this link:


LCol Dan Tanguay


Chers(ères) collègues,  

En janvier dernier, j’ai eu le privilège d’être le premier OSP à être déployé dans le cadre de l’Op PROTEUS. Depuis 2005, des membres des FAC sont déployés à Jérusalem afin d’aider l’Autorité palestinienne localisée en Cisjordanie à renforcer ses capacités de sécurité. L’Op PROTEUS est la contribution du Canada au Bureau du Coordonnateur de la sécurité des États-Unis (USSC en anglais) à Jérusalem pour favoriser la coordination entre Israël et l’Autorité palestinienne en matière de sécurité – et cela fait partie du plan stratégique global des États-Unis visant à accroître la sécurité au Moyen-Orient.

Les forces de sécurité de l’Autorité palestinienne (PASF en anglais) en Cisjordanie sont principalement des forces bleues chargées de mener des opérations de maintien de l’ordre, mais également des forces vertes chargées d’opérations défensives. Le PASF regroupe de nombreuses institutions, branches et commissions. L’année dernière, la Commission d’organisation et d’administration (OAC en anglais), l’autorité centrale du PASF pour la gestion des ressources humaines, a identifié la sélection du personnel comme un domaine nécessitant une amélioration. Le développement du processus de recrutement permettrait une structure de génération de la force plus efficace. En outre, il était essentiel de procéder à une analyse des professions au sein du PASF, et les compétences spécialisées d’un OSP ont été considérées comme un atout inestimable pour l’évolution/l’amélioration d’une structure de gestion du personnel viable au sein du PASF. À cet effet, une première visite d’assistance technique (TAV en anglais) a été approuvée par le COIC.

Lcol Dan Tanguay avec  le Lcol Hani Slman de l’Institut centrale d’instruction

Du 16 janvier au 29 mars 2019, j’ai été déployé pour aider le responsable du programme des ressources humaines à professionnaliser le PASF dans les domaines susmentionnés. J’ai assisté la Commission d’instruction militaire générale (GMTC en anglais) dans le développement d’instruments d’entrevue améliorés et je les ai formés aux techniques et procédures d’entrevue. À ce moment-là, le processus d’entrevue était non structuré et non normalisé; par conséquent, devait être amélioré pour sélectionner les meilleurs candidats. J’ai également soutenu l’OAC en élaborant un processus uniforme d’analyse des professions, et fourni des conseils en la matière. J’ai développé deux spécifications de professions (RH et approvisionnement alimentaire); celles-ci serviront de base aux futurs parcours de gestion de carrière, ce qui était inexistant.

Après ce TAV, le commandant de la force opérationnelle a déterminé qu’il était nécessaire de poursuivre les efforts d’un OSP. Un deuxième TAV a été approuvé et le Lcol Kathleen Currie est actuellement déployée à Jérusalem afin de poursuivre le soutien fourni lors du premier TAV. Je lui souhaite bonne chance dans cette aventure.

Pour plus d’informations sur Op PROTEUS, voir ce lien:


Lcol Dan Tanguay

PSOA Ottawa Event

Fun was had at latest PSOA NCR event! PSOA members and their partners took part in the latest PSOA event at BATL Grounds backyard axe throwing league on 27 Sep 2019. Taking away the gold prize for the top axe thrower was PSOA President Maj Cart Noonan, with silver going to Capt Jake Pacheco. The PSOA looks forward to seeing you at the next social event in early 2020”.

PSOA Axe Throwing & Social Event, 27 Sep 2019

BLUF: You are invited to the latest PSOA social event – Axe throwing – on 27 Sep 2019 Friday @ 1800hrs. Please open email and use vote buttons (or reply to this email if no voting buttons are available) and let me know if you (and/or any guest(s)) are able to attend by NLT 18 Sep 2019 Wed.

Dear Colleagues,

It’s been far too long since the Personnel Selection Officer Association (PSOA) for Eastern Ontario (NCR, Kingston and Ottawa Valley) has had a social event. So as your Regional Representative, I am cordially inviting you to join myself and our colleagues at the BATL Grounds Backyard Axe Throwing League for an evening of entertainment and fun! Again, this will be a great opportunity to socialize and get to know each other outside of work.

Please forward to any new PSOs that have been recently posted into the area (NCR, Kingston and Pet), those visiting from out of town and those retirees that may wish to join and did not receive this email. For those retirees not on my dist list, I will take their names so I have them for next time.

The concept for this event will be to learn how to and have fun throwing small axes at one of Ottawa’s oldest inside axe throwing venues. Of course, if you wish to sit out and just socialize and drink/eat at the venue, that is okay too!

Here are the details – we hope you can make it!

Where: BATL Grounds, The Backyard Axe Throwing League, 2615 Lancaster Rd., Unit 29 | Ottawa, ON https://batlgrounds.com/axe-throwing-ottawa/
Reservation: Booked 4 axe throwing lanes of fun, can expand depending on interest/returns, but this is for at least 13 participants
When: 27 Sep 19, Friday after work: 1800hrs to 2000/2030hrs (depending on how long playoffs go)
Punctuality: If axe throwing, please show up at least 10 minutes before, as instruction by an axe throwing guru starts at 1800hrs
Parking: There is free parking in and around the plaza
Bus/Uber/Lyft: The location is on a bus route, and accessible by ride share apps

Cost if axe throwing: $46.32 (with HST) per person to be paid by individual or guest to venue
Dress, if axe throwing: Closed-toed shoes are a must for axe throwers
Returns: There are several options for your ‘Vote’ return through Outlook (or through an email reply).

·        “Yes for Axe” (that’s if it’s just you wanting to throw);

·        “Yes for Axe +1” (you and a guest);

·        “No axe, just socializing” (will be sitting back, drinking/eating, no axe throwing);

·        “No axe, just socializing +1” (you and a guest, socializing, no axe throwing);

·        “Maybe for socializing” (if you are tentative for socializing); and

·        “Can’t make it”.
No ‘Maybe’ returns for Axe: because $100 down payment has been provided and there are penalties for not fulfilling the reservation for axe throwing, I can’t accept ‘Maybe’s’ for axe throwing.

Cost if observing drinking/eating: Free!
Deposit: I have put $100 of my own funds for the non-refundable deposit. So if you say you are going to attend the axe throwing, please ensure you come out so I don’t lose my money. 🙂
PSOA Free Beer: The PSOA executive has graciously agreed to buy many pitchers and possibly finger food during the event.

If you don’t have a designated driver or don’t want to drive or carpool – take the bus!

See OC Transpo quick planner

Everyone is welcome! Bring a spouse, friend or just yourself. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Please send this to any retired PSOs in the NCR that may not have received this invite.

If you can’t make it – check out the latest PSO news on our website!

Please use the voting buttons as outlined above (or just send me an email reply with your return). Thank you.


Dave Spurgeon
PSOA Eastern Ontario Representative
DAVID.SPURGEON{[at symbol]}forces.gc.ca

Passing of Dr. Vic Catano

Good day everyone, 

It is with a very heavy heart that I pass on the sad news the Dr. Vic Catano passed away last Friday, 10 May 2019. He was quite ill this winter semester and had decided to take an early retirement this August because of it.  

Dr. Catano was not only my professor, but my thesis advisor as well. As such, I spent many hours in his company and found his presence very calming. I last saw him three weeks ago at his home to discuss my thesis. He looked week but still had a sparkle in his eye whenever he spoke of his work and of his students. It was evident that he loved what he did and that teaching was his passion. I am very honoured to have had the opportunity to work with him.  

Dr. Arla Day is collecting stories about Dr. Catano and will be preparing a book of memories for his family. If you wish to contribute to this endeavour, please contact and/or send your stories toArla.Day@smu.ca.  

Please feel free to forward this email to anyone else who you believe would like to know about his passing.


Jennifer Price


PSel O