Major Flawn-LaForge CDS Commendation


“From 2011 to 2014, Major Flawn-LaForge was responsible for the development and stewardship of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Transition Programs. Her dedication to the provision of diverse support to CAF personnel has markedly improved their access to second-career opportunities. Her meticulous planning and organizational prowess to transitioning personnel and to the chain of command account for the tremendously successful CAF Transition Programs that greatly contribute to our ability to care for our own while preparing them for civilian life. “  17 June 2015

On behalf of the jolly realm of PSOs, BZ Jo-Anne, well deserved… you do us proud!

PSOA President


Maj Sutherland recieves Commanders Commendation for efforts while in Afghanistan

DSC7342Maj Sutherland now LCol(WSE) recieves Commanders Commendation for her efforts while in Afghanistan.

The Commendation reads:

“Maj Sutherland served as a senior personnel officer to the Ministerial Advisory Group in Kabul, Afghanistan from November 2012 to June 2013. Her cooperative and result-driven approach galvanized a multinational group responsible for the Afghan National Army human resources management. Working with and advising high ranking general and senior officers, her initiatives included profound changes to Afghan recruitment and military career progression.  Major Sutherland’s vision for the Afghan military and her leadership in realizing her plan brought great credit upon herself and the Canadian Armed Forces.”

Major Cindy Suurd Ralph – Chief of Defense Staff Commendation

RMC Badging Parade






I am pleased to announce Maj Suurd Ralph’s receipt of the Chief of Defense Staff Commendation.  The Citation as follows:

“Since June 2010, Major Suurd Ralph has been the Deputy Commanding Officer and Resilience Subject Matter Expert for the nascent Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Conduct after Capture (CAC) capability. She conceived and executed three major research projects that have brought the CAF CAC program into the international limelight both in terms of achievement and direct applicability for Canada and the 5 Eyes CAC community of practice.  Major Suurd Ralph’s research has brought great credit to the CAF.”

Congratulations Cindy!

Capt Gendron received the CJOC coin * Capt Gendron a reçu la médaille du COIC


Capt Gendron received the CJOC coin from LGen Beare after distinguishing himself in many initiatives, incl the Terry Fox run, which he organized for the entire camp and on his own accord, he provided field PSO services to soldiers in his spare time.  As well, he has performed extremely well in his main job of providing job analysis and training assistance to the ANA Police. * Le Capt Gendron a reçu la médaille du COIC de la part du Lgén Beare après s’être distingué dans de nombreuses initiatives, incluant la course Terry Fox qu’il a organisé pour l’ensemble du camp et de son propre chef, il a fourni, dans ses temps libres, des services d’OSP pour les soldats sur le terrain. De plus, il a fourni une excellente performance dans son emploi principal qui consistait à conduire une analyse de l’emploi et aider à la formation de la police nationale afghane.

Commendation Mark Heagle * Mention élogieuse au Capt Mark Heagle

CFB Borden, 14 June 2013

Capt Mark Heagle received the first PSel Branch Advisor Commendation for his extraordinary accomplishment as the former Vice President of the PSOA. Presented at CFTDC by LCol J. Stouffer, on behalf of LCol L. Noonan, PSel Branch Advisor.


Commendation Capt Heagle








BFC Borden, 14 juin 2013

Le Capt Mark Heagle a reçu la première mention élogieuse de la Conseillère de la Branche S Pers pour son extraordinaire accomplissement en tant qu’ancien vice-président de l’AOSP. Presentée au CDIFC par le Lcol J. Stouffer, au nom du Lcol L. Noonan, Conseillère de la Branche S Pers.

3 Members of DGMPRA Awarded the Commander Canadian Army Commendation * 3 membres du DGRAPM reçoivent la mention élogieuse du Commandant de l’Armée canadienne

LS2013-0052-28Congratulations to Major Gary Ivey, Major Warren Armstrong (currently deployed) and Dr. Heather McCuaig Edge on receiving the Commander Canadian Army Commendation. Their contributions to enhance the Human Dimensions of Operations project in support to the Army’s operational readiness are highly commendable. Lieutenant-General P.J. Devlin personally presented the Command Commendation scrolls at a later date.

LS2013-0052-24 Félicitations au Major Gary Ivey, Major Warren Armstrong (actuellement déployé) et Dr. Heather McCuaig Edge ayant reçu la Mention élogieuse du Commandant de l’Armée canadienne. Leurs contributions pour améliorer les dimensions humaines du projet d’opération en appui à la préparation opérationnelle de l’armée sont très louables. Le Lieutenant-général P.J. Devlin présentera personnellement les manuscrits de la mention élogieuse de commandement à une date ultérieure.Maj Armstrong


Other Queen’s Jubilee Medal Recipients * Autres bénéficiaires de la médaille du jubilé de la Reine

Maj D. HoweLCol J.M. UchiyamaCpl J. MontanoMaj C.J. MombourquetteMaj C. Strom

Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal

A new commemorative medal was created to mark the 2012 celebrations of the 60th anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the Throne as Queen of Canada. The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal is a tangible way for Canada to honour Her Majesty for her service to this country. At the same time, it serves to honour significant contributions and achievements by Canadians.


La photo peut être téléchargée en cliquant sur la photo puis, avec le clic droit, vous pouvez la télécharger dans votre ordinateur. (138 Ko).Médaille du jubilé de diamant de la reine Elizabeth II

Une nouvelle médaille commémorative a été créée dans le cadre des célébrations de 2012 qui marqueront le 60e anniversaire de l’accession au trône de Sa Majesté la reine Elizabeth II en tant que Reine du Canada. La Médaille du jubilé de diamant de la reine Elizabeth II permet au Canada de rendre hommage de façon tangible à Sa Majesté pour son dévouement envers notre pays; cette distinction permet également de reconnaître les contributions et réalisations de Canadiennes et de Canadiens.